Engineering Services

In-house, turnkey services for all of your electrical systems.

Engineering Services


Our highly trained technicians and engineers can assist you with updating, testing, and maintaining your medium and high voltage electrical systems.


Arc Flash Studies

We can help ensure compliance with NFPA70E. Experience with SKM, Easy Power, ETAP and ASPEN. Our keys are guaranteed to be large enough to handle any size of study.


We can accurately determine the short circuit values within your system. This is critical for the calculation of arc flash hazards and equipment evaluations, ensuring both system and personnel safety.

NERC/FERC Reliability

If you are a utility, Co-Op, power plant owner or have to comply with the NERC and FERC reliability standards, we can assist you with your plan development, training requirements, maintenance plan development – PRC-005, mitigation and testing services.

Power Factor Correction

We help customers with utility power savings by implementing power factor correction schemes to increase their power factor at the utility point of coupling which can also aid in voltage stability, and increased systems capacity with your plant.

Load Flow Studies

Ensure that your system was designed properly (cable size, impedance) to avoid unnecessary power loss. This is invaluable when planning a new system or expanding existing electrical networks.

single line diagrams

Convert your drawings to updated AutoCad formats. If your drawings need to be updated via red-lines in the field and then electronically, we can assist you. We have experience drafting: One-lines, three-lines, wiring schematics, DC schematics, point-to-point diagrams etc.


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