Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Predictive testing, data, and analysis to maximize uptime and mitigate against problems and hazards.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

We offer predictive testing & preventative maintenance programs

Spark Testing Services provides highly skilled technicians to service your entire distribution system from low voltage to high voltage substations and distribution lines.

Preventative Maintenance

Sampling Services

We provide standardized fluid, dissolved water, and dissolved gas analyses in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines, along with medium and high voltage thermography services and in-house oil sampling certified by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Testing (CALA).

Drawing Services

We have a full drafting team that can assist with providing one-lines, three Line diagrams, DC schematics and other types of drawings for all of the equipment inside your facility.

Component Checks

We ensure your facility is safe and compliant by checking individual elements, such as wire sizing, fuses, motor load performance, and circuits.

Power Systems Studies

We have a full engineering team that can perform arc flash, per NFPA70E, coordination studies, equipment evaluations, fault analysis and even power quality studies. Contact us for any of your engineering needs, even including system upgrades and turn key engineering needs.

IR Scans and PD Testing

Our qualified and certified Technicians can provide thermal inspections of your facilities electrical power system. We also perform corona scans for HV substations to check for partial discharge and also test for partial discharge on switchgear and cables.

Transformer Repair Services

Certified technicians can perform 345kV bushing change outs, replacement of LV bushings, transformer troubleshooting and repairs in the field.

Relay Testing, Calibrations & Retrofits

We cover all protective relay applications from transmission, distance, bus differential schemes, transformer differential, feeder protection, generator protection and other schemes.


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